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Thread: Need help with Invasio Barbarorum

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    Default Need help with Invasio Barbarorum

    I checked out the screenshots of Invasio Barbarorum, and loved it. I also liked the idea of the Imperium Julianorum sub-mod, and decided I'd download it.

    I installed BI, and the upgrade, and seeing that to install IJ I had to install IB first and upgrade it, I did so. Then proceeded to install IJ and its upgrade. Now, the problem is that EB continues to work fine, no problems there, and the installations went smoothly, but when I click the IB icons they just don't work. They 'browse' for a link and then send me to either RTW Vanilla or BI.

    I'm vexed. Do I have to do something else in order to play this mod? A 'mod-switch' or however you call it? And if so, how do I use that?

    I'd hate to have to uninstall EB to play IB, and vice-versa, everytime I want to enjoy a great game. Anybody got any suggestions or help to offer?

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    Default Re: Need help with Invasio Barbarorum

    well IJ and IBFD are independent, even if there is some outdated instructions about this. If you want to play only IJ just install it, let the DOS batch do its work and then it should be fine. IIRC the IBFD is usually fine either, but the IJ one sometimes doesn't work. To make a working shortcut for IJ go into your main RTW folder (usually C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War), make a shortcut of RomeTW-BI.exe (right click), then right click on the shortcut and the "Destination" line must become
    "C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\RomeTW-BI.exe" -show_err -mod:iJ
    the icon should be in C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War


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