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Thread: Endless endless endless ctd's

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    Default Endless endless endless ctd's

    Is this a question of reinstalling or is there something else ?

    Last ctd was when i pressed the magnifying-glass leading to a city that had just finished building something.

    And the ctd's just keep coming at me. Getting bit tiresome. Not that this stops my campaign for any time. Just starting the game up 10 times a day is getting tired as it's pretty much slower then a turtle.

    Love the game. Love playing it. Just this is getting tired.

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    Could be:

    1. a system issue (if you have little RAM or many programs running you will get a lot of CTDs).
    2. in this it could be the Oppida issue. Seems unlikely, but if this is the case one of the stickied fixes will cure this problem.
    3. slight corruption in save game files.
    4. All kinds of rebellion CTDs.

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    Very rare for me to ever get a CTD, even in late game. Using the latest version of EB?

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    Default Re: Endless endless endless ctd's

    The "look at city that built something" crash could be a general with a trait that has a typo in its reference to its description. Apart from the Dignitas one, there is no fix for this until the next version.

    If you consider reinstalling, I'd try to run the validation tool first. See the sticky.

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