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Thread: EB v1.1 released!

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    Default EB v1.1 released!

    Greetings Europa Barbarorum fans.

    Again an update on EB, voted the "Favourite RTW mod". The changes in this version may be fewer and less extensive than what you have become accustomed to when there is a release of EB, but we still believe there will be something new that everyone will enjoy.

    Probably, there won't be many new features in future versions of EB1. We will continue making voice mods, which will be used in both EB1 and EB2, and fixing bugs as they get reported. But most of our efforts will now go to getting EB2 to a playable state. We have vacuumed the mod communities for great artists to take advantage of the options M2TW offers us, so you can expect fantastic improvements there!

    Instructions on downloading and installing as well as Download links will follow and further down is a list of the major additions and changes to Europa Barbarorum. Note that you may have to download a video codec to see the EB intro movies.

    Many people outside EB deserve a big "Thank You!" for helping us out, particularly the beta testers who have been a great help in spotting and killing bugs. Our beta testers for this round have been Hax, Konny, Mcantu, MiniMe, Obelics, Sassem, Stone and Blood, Taliferno and Wolfman25. Also they have come up with suggestions and done some work for us, particularly Sassem's work on the resources and disasters requires a commendation.

    Some of the new units (Orditon, Nuraghi and Liby-Phoenician) would not have been made without the help of Halie Satanus. Many apologies for forgetting about you at first.

    As for new music, we would like to thank Musica Romana for graciously allowing us to use some of their work, and The Persian Cataphract for creating some new pieces for us that we will explain in detail soon! We would also like to again thank our soundtrack composers, Morgan Casey and Nick Wylie, for their great work which serves as the musical foundation for the entire mod, and Prehistoric Music Ireland for aiding us with music for our "barbarian" culture group.

    Download & Installation

    A complete list of mirrors can be found on our website's Download section. We strongly recommend people to use BitTorrent or ED2K to download EB to conserve bandwidth, but also as torrent provides better transfer speeds once a couple of people have downloaded part of it. Please consider seeding EB after downloading unless you pay per amount of traffic.

    Some quicklinks: (will be updated as more mirrors are available)

    EB 1.1 Torrent
    EB 1.1 ED2K download
    Atomic Gamer download
    Filefront download



    First make sure you have a clean RTW 1.5 installation on your computer. This is to make absolutely certain old files or directories won't cause problems for the EB installation.

    Double-click the EB installer file and follow the instructions on screen.
    The installation process gives you the option to install a number of supporting tools and the "modesty patch", which adds loincloths to the naked units. The modesty patch is NOT recommended, however, and is provided purely as a service to those who must appease parents, and for anyone who is uncomfortable with pixelated genitalia.
    WARNING: This will overwrite all naked warrior units in your build!!


    If you encounter any problems please use the Bugs & Tech forum and report any errors there instead of in this thread.

    As bug fixes become available, we'll be posting them in that forum. So, look into that from time to time.

    Changes for 1.1

    New units
    * First cohort
    * Boii swordsmen
    * Caturiges
    * Vellinica
    * Caledonian nobles
    * Maures
    * Vellinica
    * Wargoz
    * Celtogermanic cavalry
    * Ilergeta
    * Dunaminica
    * Galathraikes
    * Gaesamica
    * Iabarannta
    * Numidian Slinger
    * Rhodian Slinger
    * Trokalobutiamm
    * Ischyroi (Agema) Orditon
    * Bruttian Infantry

    New features
    * ===>READ THIS!***Added a reminder to start the EB script to both the descriptions on the faction selection screen and a new quote.***<===READ THIS!
    * Battles of Telamon, Zela, Ausculum, Metaurus, Tribola, Kynoskephalai, Vosges, Carrhae
    * Added the last of the Roman ethnicity traits.
    * Added Casse Invasion
    * Added unconditional AI reforms
    * Some new unique buildings
    * New battlemap geography, new forest layout.
    * New geographic features added to the campaign map.
    * Naravas script
    * Saka intro
    * New music
    * New Q-Celtic complete voicemod
    * New Pahlava voicemod (lacking charge sounds)
    * New Proto-Germanic voicemod (only unit names)
    * Updated Gallic complete voicemod

    Balancing changes
    * Changes to the money script
    * Changed garrisons/starting armies for most factions and many free settlements.
    * Diplomatic changes to Core attitudes and starting diplomatic stances.
    * Epirote, Roman and Pahlava changes to encourage more early agression (such as attacks on Pella/Taras).
    * A few Sauro changes for AI
    * Saka AI personality change.
    * Changes to help KH
    * Altered the Eburonum roving generals entrance turn to stop the Sweboz blitz. He now enters turn 49.
    * Nerfed a few isolated Eleutheroi garrisons as they became too big with the adding of recruited Eleutheroi units
    * A few changes to Casse balancing
    * Reduced duration of AI bonus help from 20 years to 15
    * Added treasury condition (<100000) to Carthage's fleet bonus
    * Added naval bays in Rhodos, Krete and Mytilene for the AI only
    * Removed Taras MIC to help Romans, left it there only for when the player is Roman.
    * Don't place Roman barracks in Ariminum when player is Romani.
    * Added secondary hitpoints to nearly all missile cavalry to make them suck less in autocalc. Steppes now have teeth!
    * Added horse discount for Sauromatae and Saka.
    * Aedui AI gets type 2 in Mediolanum. Human still gets type 3
    * Tweaked a bit the money flow to the Ptolemaioi, and the cap for them and Arche Seleukeia
    * Changes to help Baktria take Kophen easier

    Gameplay changes
    * Changes in the requirements for the nomad Camps and Herds
    * Tweaks to the Celtic reforms requirements
    * Changes to the mercenary pools
    * Disabled uncomfortable supervisor for client rulers.
    * Reduced the frequency at which Moskon's army appears in the Celtiberian alliance script, and set his age to 60 years.
    * Major overhaul on inconsistent unit stats and costs
    * Updated Sauromatae building tree according to change in the descriptions of the "High-King" buildings.
    * Added more hitpoints to elephants and chariots. They still disapprove of javelins and refuse to stand for them.
    * Baktria is now back down to 1 starting province (AS has the others, for as long as they can hold them)
    * Fairly large changes to recruitment
    * Spawned defender armies regenerate somewhat slower when destroyed.
    * Client Ruler implementation considerably changed.
    * Raised horse mass
    * Cape Tainaron changed as part of it was redundant. Now even more mercenaries are available here!
    * Disasters and resource locations retouched
    * All javelin-chucking troops can now have upgraded weapons, except reform units
    * Reduced the trading ports where there were more than 3 export fleets. Replaced some of it with trade bonus instead.

    Bug fixes
    * Fixed model Kampanian Cav
    * Fixed bug causing Qarthadastim and Sweboz reform buildings to be placed every time reforms are achieved, game is reloaded, and "end turn" button is pushed.
    * Fixed bug causing creation of homeland and expansion markers every time the game is reloaded after the 2nd Pan-Caucasus reform takes place,
    * Seleucid reform fix
    * Added cataphract reform code for Alexandreia-Ariana.
    * Added new coordinates to the custom maps of "Belgica" and "Hadramawt Hills" Older versions had the road/bridge graphical problem.
    * Fixed the Ptolemaioi ethnicities antitraits.
    * Moved up the celtic general neitos unit in the order of units so the Boii Lugian script won't pick up the Sacred Band cavalry as BG
    * Temple of Marduk in Tyde
    * Komatai Epilektoi
    * Fixed lacking ".tga" for the Mori Gaesum slave entry.
    * Neitos BGs
    * Too common sweboz Anti-Noble trait
    * Ridanz-Komatai Hippeis UI mixup for eleutheroi
    * Latest attempt at fixing Makedonian drink traits.
    * Fixed problem of germans getting two spear-carriers.
    * Fixed saka rider bug.
    * removed Kuarothoroi causing CTD
    * Fixed the AS leaders getting stuck.
    * Fix for spartan hoplite texture
    * Fixed a problem with the Boii-Lugii script. Now it handles multiple governor changes at the same turn.
    * Fixed unit name error causing a CTD on turn 400.
    * Fix display name for tag KtistesmithA.
    * Added "Cognomen" to Gallicus, Dacius, Africanus, Germanicus, Asiaticus, Brittanicus, Parthicus, and Macedonicus to fix a mismatch between the EDCT and VnV.
    * Flipped the effect of SumtuariaeLeges/Nota Censoria to be a malus to influence as it's a punishment.
    * The celtic_missile_iaosatae unit cards were missing in the Slave faction
    * Removed floods entirely, as it was reported to strike The Sea and leaving the movement permanently reduced.
    * missing HR in Media prevented Temple of Ekbatana bonuses from showing
    * Fixed temple name in Celt reforms code
    * Fixed triggers for temples, which were previously making people unhappy when the general was staying in a settlement with a temple to a deity he worships.
    * Added Apeleutheroi recruitment to the government precursor markers to reduce likelihood of rebellion CTD.
    * Fixed Carthage getting a steppe transport

    Minor changes
    * Selfperpetuating and academic traits will now increase slowly with higher chance, as opposed to in spurts.
    * "Turns" changed to "seasons" in many instances
    * Minor menu changes
    * Pheraspides changed to Peltastai Makedonikoi
    * Elephant armour primary/secondary switch.
    * Blocked client rulers from roman offices,
    * Some minor changes to the former Poeni Pentereis.
    * Deleted some wayward trait/ancillary files under UI.
    * Small changes to some unique buildings
    * Default formation density switches
    * Some changes to the lighting
    * Diadochoi infrastructure changes
    * Changed Garamantine anim to fs_fast_spearman
    * Changes to various mercenary pools
    * Various changes to names and descriptions everywhere
    * Some Year In History edits.
    * Changed the Gynaikonomos mechanics. Now the chance of getting the position is greatly reduced, and can be shed by leaving the settlement for 3 turns.
    * Changed "experience" to "rebellion only" for the Apeleutheroi dummy recruitment
    * New skins for older units, mori gaesum, uirodusios, leuce epos, asiatikoi hippeis, cidainh, neitos
    * Added javelins to the Neitos/Galatian kleruchs/Carnutes
    * Changed the level 3 markets to give specific bonuses to Qarthadast, like every other level has.
    * Some quotes added, changed, removed
    * Relaxed requirements for the Roman triumph.
    * Changes to the celtic voicemod
    * Delay the arrival of Xanthippos until the winter of 256 BC.
    * Stripped out unused vanilla advice
    * Updated start maps for Baktria and AS, on faction selection screens.
    * Map tweaks
    * The triumph event was not working, substituted with a GainMessage for the trait.
    * Removed the equipment upgrades from Lusotannan and Casse temples. Now no temples give equipment bonuses anymore.
    * Increased the threshold for satraps minting coins, now only disloyal ones will be likely to start minting. Faction leader no longer gets penalties for minting coins.
    * Deleted the oliphant. Now the game will crash immediately upon writing the cheatcode instead of at a random later time.

    Supporting features
    (Some of these have been released separately between 1.0 and 1.1)
    * Trivial script (very simple script engine that lets people create graphical interface for simple actions). Allows user friendly change of lighting, game type and modesty patch settings.
    * Installation validation tool
    * Updates to the building trees
    * Recruitment viewer
    * Unit documentation
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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    really, when i looked at this, i thought: april 1 fools day

    is this true?

    edit: FIRST!!!
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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Fighting isn't about winning, it's about depriving your enemy of all options except to lose.

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Appomination

    I don't come here a lot any more. You know why? Because you suck. That's right, I'm talking to you. Your annoying attitude, bad grammar, illogical arguments, false beliefs and pathetic attempts at humour have driven me and many other nice people from this forum. You should feel ashamed. Report here at once to recieve your punishment. Scumbag.

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    This is a trick, right?
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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Damn, no sleep for me tonight.
    The Appomination

    I don't come here a lot any more. You know why? Because you suck. That's right, I'm talking to you. Your annoying attitude, bad grammar, illogical arguments, false beliefs and pathetic attempts at humour have driven me and many other nice people from this forum. You should feel ashamed. Report here at once to recieve your punishment. Scumbag.

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    You douchebags. I'm like, ten minutes away from the Marian Reforms.

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    You douchebags. I'm like, ten minutes away from the Marian Reforms.
    So you can still make it while EB1.1 is downloading in the background

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Finish my campaign, or download 1.1??? What should I doooo????

    Anyway, thank you thank you thank you EB team (and all who helped)!!!

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Quote Originally Posted by lobf
    You douchebags. I'm like, ten minutes away from the Marian Reforms.

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!


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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    As my first post, I would like to state that this is the best game I have ever played! Not mod, mind you, but game, since indeed it blows Vanilla completely out of the water.

    As for v1.1, flippin sweet! The bad news is I have lots of homework this week (that apparently won't be getting done).

    Thanks for the great work everybody.

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Oh yes. There was a reason why I did not start on a long Mak campaign.

    Thanks team.

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    All right, Bovi. Pezhetaroi already pulled this on us once. THIS HAD BETTER NOT BE A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Still, looks like the real thing and looks great(now I gotta go beg my friend to download it for me again). Quick question: Will my 1.0 savegames be compatible? Otherwise I'll definitely be waiting a while.
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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Will my 1.0 savegames be compatible?
    No they wont. Sorry.

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Yeah finally i can play this version ......again
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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Okay, gotta finish my AAR and my Pahlavan campaign before downloading. Will be interesting to see what my fellow writers decide to do. Chirurgeon has a long way to go.
    “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.”-Proverbs 16:32

    Read my Aedui AAR-"Across the Waters: A Story of the Migration"
    And the sequel "Sword of Albion"

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Thank You! Although I haven't finished my Romani campaign
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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    "Beautiful. I was thinking off starting a new campaign anyway......."
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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Casse Invasion? What is this you speak of?


    Also, I'm disappointed you put this up during (Orthodox) Lent, when I decided to give up playing computer games. *sigh*

    Though on the bright side, this means that by the time I play it, there will be bug fixes:-)
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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Yes, but no! I knew it, Pahlava campaign doomed! Im still happy though
    The artist formerly known as Johnny5.

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Aaargh! Like others, now I need to abandon a promising campaign! I had waited patiently for 10 years for AS to move that stack of Silver Shields out of Ekbatana and finally managed to take it last night! AAAHHHHH! Gonna have to start out another Hayasdan campaign tonight, I guess!

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    is it compatible with 1.0?

    and Agema Orditon here i come!

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Goddamn you, seriously.

    Screw you guys, I'm going home!
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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gebeleisis
    is it compatible with 1.0?
    Als LorDBulA said: No.

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Very much not, indeed.

    And as a matter of fact the unit is not called Agema Orditon, but I bet you'll find out soon enough...
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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!


    This'll sure keep me occupied for some time, so that I'll survive this agonizing wait for EB2.

    Thanks guys!!!

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    I know the EB team gets alot of flak about BS, I just want to say thank you for putting up with it all and continuing to create an amazing mod.

    1.0 completed:

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Too bad it's not compatible with 1.0 saves.

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    Default Re: EB v1.1 released!

    Thank you EB team!!!

    Have a balloon!

    Downloading it at this moment .. can't wait to play ...

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