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Thread: Help exposing a cheater

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    I am currently in a game of RTW with a few friends, I am incredibly noobish when it comes to technical stuff ,so i have no idea how he set this script up so that we can all play what is normally a single player campaign. Anyway, i suspect the player that made the game of cheating using rome_shell. Is there any way to check what other players have done in rome_shell (auto_win cheat etc.). Here are some specifics that may help, the script is activated by hitting f1, and clicking show me how button. We just do our turn, the next person's turn auto loads after we hit end turn, then we send the file to the next person in a pm. Thanks so much in advance for bearing with this incredibly noobish question. I have tried the command last\ and last/ which a friend suggested but neither were found. Please help

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    as in, what is the command in rome_shell to bring up a log or something to that effect?


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