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    So guys, just to share what my school and its affiliates does you've might have noticed that occasionally I will post something along the lines of one project or another, Time for my upcoming project and for you to truly learn about envision schools (also for some feed back since I will need to use this project to 'convince' my teachers that i should be allowed to graduate.)

    Envision schools is a non profit organization that focuses and using college preparatory classes and a project based learning curriculum to challenge its students. Metropolitan Arts and Technology high school, or Metro for short.

    So about the project. We are to read a book ( my group chose Zero: the biography of a dangerous idea) , make a lesson plan and video(like Bill Nye or Mr. Science or Mr. Goodbody if your old enough), then we find a school that will allow us to teach this to one of their classes. My group and I are teaching a third grade class about Babylonians and their use of numbers(not necessarily zero but their whole system in general.)

    Rough edit we are to do more filming tomorrow and I will be editing it before my trip back east. I'm going to try(if its ok with the admins and mods) to keep every one updated and to show what a college prep school does.

    Date of April 09 2008 at 9:48 (2148hours gmt-8) Pacific Standard time.

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