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    Default Intro videos...

    I cannot start a new game off of my BI exe, so I started all 20 factions using my RTW.exe, and saved them so that I could play each save from BI. While doing that, I noticed that all of the factions get a nice new intro video (EB on some fallen stone pillars), but that Pahlava and Saka get amazing professional movies for their starting introduction. Who is the fan of horse archers who made those movies? I ask because the Romani and Greek factions get nothing, so there must be a story - or a private passion behind those vids...

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    the pahlavan one (or one similar) is there.
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    No grand story behind it they were made by Kampfkrebs who's been inactive for some time, Pahlava was the first one made because of TPC's art direction and insistence.

    Saka came second because it was similar and Keravnos was fast to concept the idea. More factions were supposed to get intros like this but with Kampfkrebs away because of RL issues great intros will probably be made for EB2 from here onwards but who knows...


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