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Thread: The game hangs and crashes my com again and again

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    Default The game hangs and crashes my com again and again

    EB 1.1 is a superb creation of wonderful research and detailed artwork but I am deeply troubled that the game tremendously slows down my computer and getting through even a few turns can take me more than half and hour.I refer to the time taken when I press end turn..What can I do about this without compromising too much, at least allowing me to retain the wonderful effects and graphics in all their glory?

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    Default Re: The game hangs and crashes my com again and again

    You can forgo the client rulers, for instance. See the unofficial mods section. Also, you may find some useful tips in my sig.

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    Default Re: The game hangs and crashes my com again and again

    i had the exact same problem when i had crappy nvidia drivers installed. you dont have an nvidia by chance? for me, i had to uninstall the crappy nvidia drivers, go into the system32 folder in windows and delete all files beginning with nv, then install the latest drivers from a new location and it will work... part of the problem is corrupted / old and mismatched drivers windows keeps even though you uninstall and install new ones sometimes.

    also, another crash related issue i had was overheating... i didn't realize 3 of my 4 fans weren't on (got unplugged during a cleaning or something). EB version of RTW can heat up even a crappy video card like mine.

    this might be helpful... maybe not.worth a try.

    def. make sure you have a clean version of RTW patched to 1.5 before installing EB 1.1 and expecting it to be stable... if you installed over an earlier build of rtw or eb, it just isn't going to help.
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    Default Re: The game hangs and crashes my com again and again

    Try turning off campaign map shadows and follow AI movement.
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