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Thread: minor bugs/issues

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    Default minor bugs/issues

    Last night I noticed 2 strange things, probably bugs.

    1. Arche Seleukeia: The three client rulers in Asaak, Babylon and Kartakakophoniawhatever are - as it seems - not client rulers at all. They are mobile and get the Interloper trait as soon as you finish turn 1.

    2. Epeiros: When attacking Pella in turn 1 using the elephant, said animal is ramming the gate not with his forehead but with his backside. Works perfectly but looks odd.
    Just in case this wasn't intentional I've done my civic duty and reported it.

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    Default Re: minor bugs/issues

    Client rulers are different in 1.1, they are mobile. So you can sally out to sieges.

    The business about them getting interloper, however is an ongoing problem.
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    Default Re: minor bugs/issues

    Okay, here goes:

    How to Fix the Interloping Client Rulers

    1. Open your Windows Explorer
    2. Find the file called descr_strat (found in your EB\data\world\maps\base\ folder)
    3. Open it in Notepad or any similar text editing program you have
    4. Under the Edit menu, select Replace
    5. In the Find box, type: Type4Governor 2
    6. In the Replace with box, type: Type4Governor 1
    7. Click Replace All
    8. Save the file, and quit the text editor.
    9. Run EB
    10. When you get to the main menu, hit ALT + TAB (to minimize the program) and go to your Windows Explorer
    11. Find the file called map.rwm (found in your EB\data\world\maps\base folder)
    12. Delete it.
    13. Start a new campaign with any faction you'd like; but it might be smart to test your changes while you are at it ... (Which requires you to start as the AS or Makedonia.)
    14. When the campaign has fully loaded (you get to the campaign map), hit ALT + TAB again.
    15. Go to your Windows Explorer and again find your map.rwm file. (Same location as before.)
    16. Copy it.
    17. Find another file called map.rwm this time found in the sp game edu backup folder.
    18. Replace it with the copy of your new map.rwm (the one generated in EB\data\world\maps\base)

    You should now have succesfully squashed the bug!
    - Tellos Athenaios
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    Default Re: minor bugs/issues

    I added this as an optional fix, thanks.

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