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Thread: Can i 'settle down' with the Pahlava?

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    Default Can i 'settle down' with the Pahlava?

    I've done the unthinkable... i've started a campaign as someone other than Rome. It's fun playing with horse archers, but i don't much care for the nomadic lifestyle.

    I've noticed i can't build governments anywhere, so is there a trigger or something i need to achieve so that i can settle down and form a nation based around a capital city with a government, rather than just being nomads?

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    Default Re: Can i 'settle down' with the Pahlava?

    The governments are different. You first build migration, then you can decide whether to have a nomadic settlement or a pastoral settlement.

    For the reformed government...
    1 military occupation
    2 migration
    3 pastoralisme
    4 large nomad market
    5 settled communauty
    6 warlord's horse herds
    7 reformed pastoralism
    8advanced settlement
    9 settled aristocracy
    10 reformed parthian government!
    Which is only possible in the old Persian lands.
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    Default Re: Can i 'settle down' with the Pahlava?

    lobf is correct, some of these buildings can be placed in a different order than stated, but some MUST be placed before others or you won't have access to some of the necessary buildings

    military occupation must be placed first (not sure if it matters, but is standard building procedure)

    migration and pastoralism are prerequisites for the other buildings

    large nomad market can be placed any time before the reformed gov't

    warlords herds MUST be placed before reformed pastoralism or you lose the ability to build them

    settled community is prereq for reform pastoralism, but does not affect market or herd placement ability

    advanced settlement and settled aristocracy cap and close the "settled community" and "herds" recruitment lines respectively (you will not be able to build units from those lines once those are built), they can be built in whatever order you desire (if you need the infantry/archer recruitment from that settlement more than the cavalry, for instance, you could close the cavalry recruitment first, or vice versa)

    you can also build the "herd" or "settled" lines to a higher level, and will still be able to cap those lines with the appropriate bldg (I choose 1 settlement of every 3 or 4 to do this with, and wait on the reformed gov't so I have an emergency advanced recruitment center in case something goes south on me, the drawback to the transition from nomadism is that for a long while during the changeover, you will see little to no troop recruitment, it takes ages to get up to a MIC Lvl 4, which the higher herd levels give cavalry recruitment equivalent to, and lvl 1,2,and 3 MIC's give weak infantry, bog standard archers/skirmishers, and just regular horse archers, the war winning troops come from lvl 4 and 5, or the advanced "herds" line)

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    Default Re: Can i 'settle down' with the Pahlava?

    Yeah, I discovered this while reforming my main kataphract recruiting centre. Once I built the "settled aristocracy" I didn't have access to them anymore. Luckily I had expected something along those lines (although I must admit I wasn't prepared not to be able to recruit anything at all there) and had recruited a solid force of armoured horse-archers prior to doing this!

    I'm not sure if the process is worth it most of the time. Maybe only in the larger cities. I think I'll stick to the traditional "nomadism" or "pastoralism" in most settlements.

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    Default Re: Can i 'settle down' with the Pahlava?

    Is there any "proper" post about the reformed government and the areas where it can be build? Thanks for the info already in this thread, though, as I'm thinking about starting a Pahlavan campaign, now that I got 1.1...
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