Hi all,

Me and my team are proud to announce to you that the 2009 year will be the year of a new Battles of Asia 3 on RTW - BI 1.6. All japanese units will be redone with high poly models like in this project : http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=155224

Japanese units will be divided in the same factions but this time factions colors are ended. Japanese clans will take their real historical colors. Always no campaign but over 20 units per japanese factions with unique models for each units. Over 180 japanese models with over 300 different textures.

Some modifications will be done on animations. Artillery will be added for sieges.

In fact, after the WoC release, i'll start working on BoA 3. We will finish new models and animations in july 2008. I'll build progressively BoA 3 till christmas 2008 to september 2009.

Release date : september or christmas 2009.