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Thread: Battle storys etc.

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    Default Battle storys etc.

    I was thinking of writing a certain sotry, based on RTW, but it is mostly fictional, i am thinking of adding a few new empires and things into the sotry, which is what it will based on, a new added on empire in Eastern Africa. So, is this allowed, is a story allowed to be mostly fictional, where do i post it???

    Any help would be appreciated...
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    Default Re: Battle storys etc.

    From there, either Choose the:

    Throne Room for an AAR IC (After Action[Battles and Campaigns] Reports In Character [Or Out of Character for that matter])
    or the

    Mead Hall for a story, generally they done have anything to do with TW, so the Throne Room is my best guess.

    Some writing people are sure to come along and help you out more.
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