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    I would like to know if there is a possiblity of when a city is being siege in order to win for starvation, the attackers must impose a blockade at same time. Since in the ancient world some cities had their ports in the city it self and when the port is nearby, they build a wall from the city to the port.
    Maybe this can add a greater importance to the sea and would be more historical.

    Thanks, keep on the remarkable job. The best mod ever made!!!

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    I don't think it can be modded in but you could always roleplay it.
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    When I play as the Romani I always blockade the port. If I for example besiege Syrakousai which was a port city then I have to blockade it with a fleet, but if I besiege Rhegion I&#180;m confined with simply sending two units to the port that I&#180;m pretty certain is supposed to represent Croton, thereby representing that those units have occupied Croton. Of course Croton wouldn&#180;t just open its gates unless things were really going the Romans way, so I don&#180;t send those units there until I&#180;m already besieging Rhegion and is just overall controlling the area.
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    Impose a blockade is usually a good idea, but i think it should be mandatory to impose a blockade in the cities that historically were a port city, like syracuse or alexandria. Of course if this can be done, look is like it can`t.


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