Last night I was attempting furiously to begin a Multiplayer game with Skullheadhq - but to no effect!

As other Multi-players have found - some people simply can't host in the Game Spy lobbies because other players find it impossible to join.
Others host very well.

Unfortunately, neither Skullhead or myself are blessed by the gods of EB Multiplayer - and so we tried Hamachi.

However, after phollowing Pharnakes' advice, I phound that Skullhead could see me in the LAN lobby, and also my games, but I was as blind as a polar bear in a snowstorm.

The solution can either be found in another's advice here, or by competent hosts playing EB multiplayer!

It is obscene that there is but one thread on the subject!
EB multiplayer is brilliant, and not half as lagging as one would expect - when I played on 56k, I experienced none at all.

Sarkiss, Hannibal, Skullhead, come here and recommend - but also give a list of all known Hamachi servers. I am in these;



EBMultiplayer 2

Password: EB