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Thread: Rendering Video?

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    Default Rendering Video?

    Hey guys Ive just managed to film one of my custom battles using the movie editor, however now I've done this rather than rendering the video it just plays out the battle again. The command line I have in my shortcut is

    "C:\Program Files\EBTrivialScript\EBTrivialScript.exe" -s ebconfig.xml -runeb -type "Single Player" -rtwoptions " -movie_cam:capture_video "

    Is this right? and if not anyone got the right command

    cheers guys!!

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    Default Re: Rendering Video?

    capture video no longer works in RTW after 1.3 (I think that was the patch that broke it). The easiest way to do it is to use a 3rd-party capture program to capture the film. The harder option, but the one that would give the best results quality wise would be to mod a RTW 1.2 to use EB units (I don't know if that would be allowed by the rules of the competition).

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