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Thread: Trapped in Taormina - Mafia/Gameroom

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    Default Trapped in Taormina - Mafia/Gameroom

    The latest large mafia game in the Gameroom.

    An eruption of the mighty Mount Etna disturbed the peace in the lovely town of Taormina (Sicily)...

    Due to the chaos following the eruption, the accidental assassination of RenÚ, secret agent Juliette's fiancee, went unnoticed.

    Be a part of a story that involves rival mafia families, trying to get their hands on a nuclear weapon. Get involved in this beautiful yet deadly little town, where a prostitute might be the only hope of the honest townspeople.

    And meet the black hooded man...

    Join "Trapped in Taormina". Sign up HERE or drop me a PM.

    We're looking for at least 40 players!

    Be part of the drama

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    Default Re: Trapped in Taormina

    Unto each good man a good dog


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