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    a bit before 1.0 came out, i had a fierce argument with the EB team on whether the imperial cohorts in EB wore the coolus pattern helmet or the Imperial gallic ( i argued for gallic). needless to say, they had better backups, and they won.
    so i was wondering: why does the cohors praetoriana and the alla praetoriana have the imperial gallic if the team had already ruled out the use of those helmets in the current time period?
    just wondering!
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    There are users on the EB team.

    It only takes one taking liquid microdot, for the wrong skin to be put in.

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    Way back in the day the artist who did the Romans essentially did them his own way (such as breeches on the Marians, IIRC). They were one of the first group of units done. We haven't had any artists who were willing to go back and redo all the Romans, even though many on the Roman team wanted it done. Consider this just one of those things on EB1 that will be corrected in EB2.

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    Would be weirder if we ended up with a Nieder Mormter or Two-piece helmet.
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