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    This faction seems to be basically the Persians; it is very like the Sassanid empire of Barbarian invasion. Starting with two large towns and a castle in Transoxania, quick expansion is necessary to beat the other sultanates to the richest provinces. Samarkand in the north is the ripest plum on the tree, but first Khwarezmia must build a ladder, conquering weaker places and building up the bankroll with merchant trade. All the cities of the core area lie on the lucrative silk roads from the east. this comes as a line of building: but the downside of these provinces seems to be their heavy tendency to pagan ways, if left to their own devices.

    Once Nishapur, Mashad and Tus are taken the stage is set for conflict with a foreign power, Likely the Seljuks. Khwarezmian infantry may be ill-matched to contend with this enemy, build ranges ! i had to attack them sooner than i would have liked, as they were at war with the Abbasids and looked likely to win, but the fighting was tying up good stacks of their soldiery in the west. Unready to deal with this blackguard move, The Seljuks now are crumbling like sandcastles. Momentum.

    infantry is the main strength of this power, heavy, well-balanced, versatile decisive infantry. There are 3 grades of the daylami infantry, daylami, heavy daylami and sugdian assault infantry. they may form shield-wall.
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