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    Default VanillaMod Changelog


    - Made a few more balance changes in terms of cost to several units
    - Removed upkeep for Mongol/Timurid only units
    - Finally managed to make Mongols/Timurids 100% active all of the time (they sometimes refuse to take the human's last settlement, don't know why, but other than that, perfect)
    - Combined my strat map AI with Lusted's new Beta AI for more save/load reliability
    - Made a few more minor 2H animation fixes
    - Allowed aztecs higher recruitment from temple
    - Included money script for aztecs
    - Increased money for normal factions from 1800/2600 to 2000/3000 (cap stays the same)
    - Increased amount of money Mongols/Timurids get up to a certain cap
    - Increase papal_states king's purse from 1500 to 2000 (they don't have a money script currently)
    - Fixed a bug where England would always get the extra cash even if played by a human player
    - Made Siege Battle AI even better
    - Changed several factions' naval behavior - invasions should be more common


    - Implemented new 2H animations made by me.

    - Changed AI money script. Now uses TurnEnd rather than TurnStart and playable non player factions now get florins based on number of settlements. 1800 before turn 40, 2600 after, for each settlement with the limit of 90000 until mid game and 120000 during late game. Made similar changes to slave faction.

    - Made AI a bit better on campaign map, should take regions rather quickly and build its forces more concentrated. Sometimes still acts erratically however at certain points.

    - Changed rebellion mechanics. In general, armies are now 0.5% more likely to rebel at turn end. However, larger armies are now less likely to rebel rathern than more likely as they used to be. Captain-led stacks have a higher chance of rebelling rather than a lower chance as previously. Excommunication and death of a leader will for their current turns cause higher rebellion rates if authority or loyalty are low. Being close or inside a rebel faction causes nearby stacks to experience slightly higher rates of rebellion if no led by a general.

    - Removed some AI bonuses in regards to rebellion. They used to have 25% chance of human players. They now have 50% chance of human players. This is both to reduce AI cheating but at the same time (due to AI stupidity) this remnant is important to its survival.

    - Made bribery even more fluent after figuring out some more attributes. A highly skilled diplomat should have no problems bribing a 30k pop settlement now unless it has high loyalty or you lack the florins to do so.
    Note that bribery cost is hardcoded to some extent. It is based on building and unit cost values so it cannot be lowered without making those dirt cheap as well

    - Made a few minor adjustments to guild points

    - Made major changes to faction relations. Relations when allied to several inter-allied factions will no longer stay at Perfect all the time without marriage alliance. Pope takes offence slightly faster and changed thresholds for release/execute.

    - Rebalanced several units

    - Reduced ship replenishment rates across the board so less ships are being spammed (and to show that it actually takes time to ready more ships). Mercenary ships can sometimes be a welcome addition now

    - Added triggers for sally-type battles so they now also give Good/Bad siege traits
    - Fixed an instance of an inaccessible resource at Metz
    - Increased slightly the negative income effects of devastated tiles
    - Decreased slightly the tax income from castles
    - Horde factions (Mongols/Timurids) now always act efficiently in terms of advancing onto their next targets
    - Made AI defend their settlements better
    - Removed hardy attribute from genoese militia and retinue longbows
    - Downgraded very_hardy to hardy on sherwood archers
    - Added aztecs to playable custom battle fations
    - Added adoption triggers for aztecs, mongols and timurids
    - Reduced accuracy of composite and bodkin arrows minutely
    - Decreased princess upkeep from 250 to 200
    - Increased agent movement speed slightly
    - Increased Mongol horde by 6 stacks and Timurids by 4 stacks
    - Tweaked diplomacy relations a bit more
    - Increased number and replenishment of mongol/timurd recruitments
    - Made castle libraries increase the limit for diplomats and spies
    - Made caravanseries increase the limit for merchants
    - Minor tweaks to battle aggressiveness
    - Increased reliability of horde faction movements
    - Gave horde factions 1 spy to start out with
    - Reduced availability of "home country" conquistadores
    - Amended victory conditions some more
    - Changed EE Spear Militia class from light infantry to spearmen
    - Reduced chance of obtaining RhetoricSkill while residing in city hall+ from 10% to 3%
    - Minor tweak to siege behavior
    - Changed consideration thresholds for GoodAttacker/BadAttacker/GoodDefender/BadDefender/GoodRiskyAttacker/BadRiskyAttacker/GoodRiskyDefender/BadRiskyDefender
    - When obtaining GoodAttacker, a chance for Brave is now also included
    - Battlefield Assassins are recruitable from normal assassin's guilds as well but in very short supply
    - Reduced tax and farm income for all settlements
    - Reduced trade base income by 1 for each trade building and upgrades
    - Made a few adjustments to faction attitudes towards rebels and rebel attitude vs factions
    - Made alliance a bit less robust
    - Made papal relations more difficult to upkeep
    - Capped out chivalry population growth at 3% rather than 5% (i.e. growth until helmet 6, after that only battle bonus)
    - Very slightly reduced effect of each trade point on growth (from 0.12 to 0.1)
    - Made catholics and muslims less likely to ally
    - Delayed rebel cash until end of turn 17 and reduced amount


    - Did some further rebalancing mainly regarding prices and upkeep costs of units but also a few stat changes
    - Improved strat map AI considerably
    - Changed the way the AI receives florin injections to limit the total amount at end turn to 70000, meaning it will not receive the florin bonus if it is already swimming in florins and will also only receive it if it is not down to the last settlement.
    - Made rebels even more active (hopefully)
    - Decreased the mason's guild faction bonus to compensate for many buildings being stone now
    - Made the AI spam less ships for some factions and made them use the ships a bit smarter
    - Removed the ability of composite and bodkin flaming arrows to cause damage to siege engines. Made special tower flaming arrows damage siege equipment at a low rate and increased the chances of incineration. In exchange accuracy of tower flaming arrows were reduced.
    - Made tower flaming ballista bodypiercing
    - Increased rocket accuracy by a small amount
    - Tweaked the aztecs some more
    - Made mongols and timurids attack pattern more reliable. They will now attempt to carve out an empire unless you stop them.
    - Pikemen are a lot more reliable

    Initial release
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