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Thread: Please spell it out for me

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    Default Please spell it out for me

    I am quite keen to play BL but am somewhat confused at the moment. Could someone please hand-hold me through downloading and installing BL and/or answer the following questions:

    1. Is there only an old version of BL or is there a new version as well?
    2. If a new version does indeed exist, has it already been released or is it still being made?
    3. If it has been released, where is the download link for the new version?
    4. Assuming it exists and regardless of whether it has been released yet or not, what new features does/will the new version of BL have?

    I Am Herenow

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    Default Re: Please spell it out for me

    1. Both exist.
    2. The new one is in development and non-public.
    3. see above
    4. Literally a thousand tweaks and fixes. New units for most... no wait: all factions. New buildings on the battlemap. New world wonders. New interface. New music. New heroes. A lot. That's why it takes so long. Help and I'll be faster ^^/

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    Good stuff, and good luck with the mod! I'm afraid I can't skin etc., I can only look at your building and unit descriptions and clean up the grammar if need be. If you want me to do that, go ahead and PM me.

    I Am Herenow

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    Default Re : Please spell it out for me

    Great ! Can't wait to see the next version !
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    Default Re: Please spell it out for me

    I as well
    I had thought the mod was dead, so glad to hear its back and kicking


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