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    I downloaded version 8 of this mod, but when I go to install it I get to the select folder bit, and when i choose Medieval: Total War it freezes. I only just re-installed MTW and VI this morning specifically to play this mod so they should be clean and it says that it is already at version 2.01.
    Any idea what the problem is?
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    When you say it freezes.... the install window is there but it doesn't look as if anything is loading ??
    It is loading but there is no load bar travelling across.
    Just sit patiently and wait, it will load.
    You will eventually see a window saying....removing backup files (something like that)
    Once that is finished your install will be complete.
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    Ah. I assumed it had frozen, so I gave up and copied my M;TW files to install Ancient: Total War. Now I have an ancient Europe with Japanese map buildings, and the menu screen has an Egyptian fresco but also has samurai running about on it.

    I should market that as my own mod 'Samurai vs Hoplite: Total War'
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