3000+ downloads!

As of this weekend the RXB1007 has managed to generate over 3000 downloads in total (since release), which of course is fantastic but also amazing as the base-game (MTW1) is... Almost 17 freaking years old, which is essentially a small eternity in the fleeting world of video-games. Yup, almost 17 years old AND a sequel on top as well! As unlikely candidate as that, and still some people evidently keep playing MTW and Redux all the same! It is some 13 years since the RX-project started - more then 10 years (and counting) on the public scene. Needles to say, the RXB1007 and the entire Redux-project have exceeded any expectation I had (or dared to have) on it, as I first started working on it in 2006. Its all somewhat unbelievable and amazing to me - yet its true... Imagine that....

Any comments/thoughts on all this?

- A