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Thread: had problems getting bl to work

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    Thumbs up had problems getting bl to work

    hi downloaded the mod followed the instructions to the letter got the game working but on the opening screen where you select the campaign it was runnin real slow have figured this was due to running on windows vista had run time errors and the game kept crashing so tried running it through vista as if it was xp it didnt even load so tried running through vista on windows 98 and it works perfect on the campaign it does not even crash .think this mod is really good a lot of work has gone into this cant wait for the campaign to be released not just those sexy dummies .

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    Ah, yes... I always forget to mention you should use the -nm command line switch. Sorry, sorry.
    But the dummies ARE sexy, aren't they? Well, at least the ones I use for non-public testing are, hahahaha! -.^/


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