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    Default Guide to Playing this mod

    Guide to Playing this mod

    I felt I should make a guide to explain some of the new features of this mod.



    The player's army has a limited amount of supplies, so the army cannot remain outside a settlement for too long (the army consumes supplies faster in another faction's regions than in their own regions). The army will also lose moral if the player spends too long in another faction's regions. Winning battles and conquering settlements is the best way to keep moral and supplies high.

    Enemy Land Tax

    The player will be taxed 500 florins for every army that is on another faction's land. This is not dependent on the number of soliders in a unit, so 4 stacks of 4 units will be taxed 2000 florins but a stack of 16 units will only be taxed 500 florins (this is because I cannot tax the number of units in an army but can only tax the number of stacks there are). This represents the extra upkeep and army needs in foreign land.

    This does not apply to agents and there is no additional cost for siege a settlement.

    Faction Leader


    A Faction Leader with High Authority gives trade, happiness (city only), and law (castle only) bonuses to all their settlements; while a Faction Leader with low authority reduces these. To get these bonuses in a Town a Faction Leader only needs an Authority of 3 but in a Huge City he'll need an Authority of at least 6 (similar levels are needed in castles).

    The Faction Leader can gain Authority by winning a lot of battles, and keeping taxes high in their settlement.


    When the Faction Leader dies the new Faction Leader has to be corronated. To corronate the new Faction Leader they have to spend one turn in the Faction's Original Capital (the one at the start of the game). If you change the capital the new capital will not be able to corronate the Faction Leader, only the original capital can do this. The Faction Leader of Catholic factions cannot be corronated if they have been excommunicated.

    Failure to have your Faction Leader corronated can result in them getting the 'Offends the Nobility' or 'Inspires Civil War' traits. Also if you're current Faction Leader is a regent, rather than a decendent of the previous King (they'll have the Regent trait, rather than the Faction Leader equivalent) there is a chance that they'll sell the Crown Jewels if they are not corronated quickly.

    Offending the Nobility

    When the Faction Leader does something the Nobility (generals) doesn't like they can the 'Offends the Nobility' or 'Inspires Civil War' traits. When the Faction Leader has either of these traits all the generals decide whether to support of oppose the current Faction Leader. Those that choose to oppose the Faction Leader will get the Disobedient trait, causing them to lose all their movement points and making their cities highly likely to turn rebel.

    To remove the 'Offends the Nobility' or 'Inspires Civil War' traits you need to move your Faction Leader to the Faction's Original Capital (if they haven't been corronated) and then to your Faction's Current Capital (if different). Leave the Faction Leader in the Capital for a few turns and they'll lose these traits, putting the Nobility back under you control.


    A City can either be Royal or Noble, each has their own advantages. Which Town Hall buildings a city has determines whether it is a Noble or Royal city.

    Noble Cities

    Noble cities have Noble Town Halls and can build Noble barracks. They represent control of a settlement by the local nobility and function much like the vanilla Town Halls, except they reduce income (the nobility keeps most of the money for themselves).

    Noble barracks can only recruit local militia.

    Royal Cities

    Royal Cities have Royal Town Halls and can build Royal Barracks. These cities are under the control of the King, so all the income they general goes to the player. How much income they generate is determined by how much Authority their King has; the higher the authority the more money is generated and vice versa. The amount of law and happiness in these settlements is also dependent on the King's authority.

    Royal Barracks can recruit local militia and some castle units depending on their location. For example England can only recruit Longbowmen in England but can recruit British Mailed Knights in most of Western Europe.
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    4 Seasons (6 Empires battle for supremecy); 3.0 version
    Total War Eras (start at 970, 1080, 1200, 1300, 1400, or 1500); 2.4 version
    Eras Total Conquest (start at 1230, 1346, 1547); 1.2 version

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    Oh wow, thanks for the heads-up with regards having to crown new kings. *Makes mental note not to send my crown prince too far away from Oslo just yet just in case Haakon dies*.

    What happens if an enemy faction captures your true capital? Would you have to reclaim it before you could crown your new leader?

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    Yes, losing your original capital means that you can no longer corronate leaders (the AI is not limited this way because they don't know which settlement they need).

    I'd like to point out that the corronation aspect of this mod comes from version 3 of the BBB (Blood, Broads, & Bastards) mod and that I in no way take credit for it (though I did script extra crowns for the new factions).
    4 Seasons (6 Empires battle for supremecy); 3.0 version
    Total War Eras (start at 970, 1080, 1200, 1300, 1400, or 1500); 2.4 version
    Eras Total Conquest (start at 1230, 1346, 1547); 1.2 version

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    Default Re: Guide to Playing this mod

    hey Uanime 5 nice job in this mod but when i run the Bat and type 3 and enter and after it copied finish it wont start and i run again and type 0 and enter which nothing happen

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