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Thread: Important Information For Forum Users

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    Default Important Information For Forum Users

    Frequently Asked Questions
    From Reforms to possible bugs, everything you need to know about EB to get started is in this thread. Please read this FAQ before resorting to starting a new thread and asking questions, as it may be that your questions has popped up before and as already been answered in here.

    Announcement of the current release
    Here you will find download links and information about what's changed in the release.
    Fixes for the current release
    Important fixes for EB.

    Technical help important information
    Similar to this thread, but focuses on when you've got a technical problem with EB.

    Traits And Ancillaries FAQ
    This thread deals with questions specific to the rather complex new trait and ancillary system. If you find yourself lost with how it all works in EB please take a look at this thread before starting a new post on the main board.

    Recruitment Viewer Info
    In this thread we have download and use information for the very powerful recruitment viewer. This tool allows you to check at a glance what factions can recruit what units in what province. Due to the incredibly complex recruitment system in EB this tool is an essential download if you don't want to walk into a province blind without the slightest clue what units you can build.

    How To Torrent
    When we release a new version of EB we release it exclusively as a torrent download for the first week or so. We do this to give us time to upload the file to a variety of mirrors so that no one site is bombarded with the many downloads that EB generates. If you want to be there at the beginning, but don't know how to use torrent files, this thread details how to set-up a torrent client and download torrent files.

    EB Team: Help Required
    Want to help? This thread details areas in the mod where we are currently short of talent and skill.
    Note: EBI is no longer under development. See the EBII forums for information on joining the team.

    A Request...
    Disagree with how we've represented Carthage? Found some evidence that seems to contradict our statements on the Saka Rauka? Before posting please read this thread from our old Team Leader. The most important thing to be, far more than being right, is to be civil.

    EB Bibliography
    Love EB and interested to learn more. This thread contains a great selection of books and articles that team members and fans have found illuminating.

    All The Previews
    Weren't there at the start, or just looking to reminisce? This thread contains all the previews for each faction and some gameplay previews too. Warning: Contains pretty pictures.

    EB Art Thread
    We have been lucky enough as a team to have had at various periods very talented artists willing to work on various parts of the mod for us. Mostly these have been working on unit development work and this is the thread that show-cases their work on units, amongst other things.

    In the beginning...
    This thread is the first thread about Europa Barbarorum and is true history in the making. Beginning as just a group of fans trying to inform The Creative Assembly on the historical nature of "barbarians". As the thread progresses so does the idea and eventually it turns into the mod you see before you now.

    New Quotes for EBI
    A download that will replace the current quotes file with another one that features more varied quotes, which were bought together with the help of our fans!


    The EB Team
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