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    Default All the Previews In One Thread...

    Disclaimer: All previews must be considered WIP, and any information in them should be not be taken as representative of the end product.

    Stele #1
    The very first preview of what EBII will contain. Scant info on anything very much, but its a start. Its the start.

    Stele #2
    A short look at how EBII will utilise the recruitment system of M2TW and Kingdoms. A very general idea of how EBII will help to better represent the historical military situation for every faction.

    Stele 8: release time...
    A short announcement detailing the work being done on the installer for EBII.

    Stele 9, another old name: XIDX
    A short announcement detailing the work being done on improving the old staple of TW modding tools, XIDX.

    Stele 10, Missing pieces of the UI puzzle
    A short announcement detailing the work being done on improving the tools for handling the UI files.

    Preview: The Areuakoi
    This preview shows the work being done on the iberian factions of EB2: Areuakoi
    It then continues with a mini-preview of the resources in EB2 and also mini-preview where new settlements are announced and shown for the first time.

    Stele #3
    On the development of the EB Barebones mod. A cut-down, vanilla-free mod that acts as the foundation for all future development on EBII. See how it was made here.

    Stele #4
    A preview on the new system for developing units in EBII, plus a picture of a base-model for a new unit, the Euzonoi, and a preview picture of one of the new loading screens.

    Stele #5
    Merlkir previews how he creates the fascinating and beautiful unit concept drawings: from first rough sketch to final composition and fully-coloured masterpiece. Some Iberians feature as the focus of the work here.

    Stele #6
    Pergamon Faction preview. Includes all the wonderful historical detail you've come to expect from EB, plus a sneak-preview of the Hoplitai unit (in all its varied glory).

    Announcement and Video
    Announcement of the first EBII Tutorial Campaign: The Gaza Campaign. Also includes a video of completely new EBII units in battle, including the Hoplitai, Phalangitai, Hippeis and Euzonoi.

    Stele #7: Making the Models
    A closer look at the making of the models featured in the Phalangitai video, and an introduction to some of the Historians and Unit Artists who make up part of the EBII team.

    February Preview
    Beautiful renders of the Hoplitai, Thureophoroi, Peltastai Makedonikoi, and Oxybeles.

    Preview: Provinces
    A look at the role that provinces and the Province Building will play in the EBII campaign, and the announcement that EBII is on Twitter.

    Preview: Mamla'ha biMassylim
    The preview of the long-awaited Numidian faction - the Kingdom of Massylia. Includes information on some game mechanics for the nomadic factions, as well as all the history you've come to expect.

    Preview: The People of North Africa
    A preview of the people of North Africa, showcasing some of the new units that will appear in the North African region of the EBII campaign. Also features a insight into how different cultures will be represented in the campaign.

    Preview: The Romani
    A preview of the Romani faction in EBII, including a details look at the election system and a how colonisation will work for the Romani. Also includes previews of the strat map models for the Romani, and some of the equipment of the Camillian soldiers of the Roman Republic.

    Preview: The Getai
    A preview of the Getai faction including new province descriptions, detailed map, descriptions of new culture buildings and some of the warriors of the Getai.

    Preview: The Sauromatae
    A preview of the Sauromatae faction including new renders of some of their starting units, screenshots of their settlement models, and an extensive history of this faction. This preview also includes the announcement of the new faction, Kimmerios Bosporos.

    Preview: The Boii
    Introducing a new faction to EBII, the Boii, an eastern Celtic faction. Includes strategy map settlement models, new celtic units and faction history for the Boii. Also includes the release of Tux's 3D model viewing program.

    Preview: The Getai II
    The second preview of the Getai in EBII, including new units, a history of the faction, strategy map models and new faction-specific traits.

    Preview: The Boii II
    The second Boii faction preview, including more history about this intriguing faction, and new celtic units to view. Also includes video of the Boii in action in Europa Barbarorum II.

    Preview: The Pritanoi
    Introducing a new faction, the Pritanoi, who will replace the Casse on the British Isles. The conclusion of huge amounts of research, this preview includes an extensive faction history and history of that region, along with a preview of a large number of units from those provinces.

    Also includes an Appendix to the Preview.

    Preview: The Romani II
    The second preview of the Romani, featuring an extended roster of the Roman Army at the beginning of our timeframe, including Italic Auxillaries. Also includes information about the new government system for the Romani, strategy map settlement models and a video featuring the new Romani units.

    Preview: The Qarthadastim
    The preview of the Qarthadastim, featuring renders of the starting units for this faction, as well as unit descriptions. Also includes a preview of the government system for the Qarthadastim, as well as information about province changes in the EBII map. There are lots of lovely pictures of Qarthadastim units in action as well.

    Preview: The Lugiones
    The preview of a new faction, the Lougiones, featuring a most extensive and detailed historical report on this new and interesting faction. Comes complete with information on the society, religion, government, military of this interesting and elusive culture. Also includes some renders of their starting units.

    Preview: The Generals
    The preview of some of the new General models that will appear in EBII. These models, beautifully rendered, show off the amazing attention to detail of our historians, and the incredible talent of our modellers and skinners. Non-stop eye-candy.

    Preview: The Boii (III)
    Third preview of the Boii, informations about the starting provinces, units and faction information.

    Preview: The Sweboz
    The first preview about a well known faction from EB I, the Sweboz, featuring a detailed description about their history and presentation in EB II, units, strat-map models and a battle-video.

    Preview: Taksashila (Mauryan Satrapy)
    The first preview of the new Indian faction for EBII, Taksashila, featuring a detailed description about their history and presentation in EB II, as well as a look at some of their units, position on the map and a battle-video. Also includes a making of, detailing the unit creation process in EBII.

    Stele 8: release time...
    A short announcement detailing the work being done on the installer for EBII.

    Stele 9, another old name: XIDX
    A short announcement detailing the work being done on improving the old staple of TW modding tools, XIDX.

    Stele 10, missing pieces of the UI puzzle
    A description of the work being done in a tool to make easy the task of changing the UIs.

    Preview: Arabia
    The preview of the Arabian factions for EBII, shows the south-arabian Saba and the whole new Nabatea, with very detailed info about their history along with screenshots of some of their units.

    Areuakoi Preview
    This previews the our new celtiberian faction, but also preview much more such as our new trade resources. Probably our biggers preview yet.

    Other usefull links

    All the previews in one archive - Link 1

    EB member interviews



    The EB team twitter account

    The EB Team
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