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Thread: Uninstalling VanillaMod! How?

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    Default Uninstalling VanillaMod! How?


    I really want to uninstall VanillaMod, as it makes the game too hard even on Medium/Medium plus I feel more at home with the original AI, with the diplomacy and all.

    How do I uninstall it in the easiest way possible? I just want everything back to normal, with all my favorite bugs ;).

    Also, while I have you guys attention, how do I skip / stop the enemy factions diplomats / princesses from trying to talk to me but doing nothing at all? Or is that a warning that they will soon attack me?

    Thanks dudes,

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    Default Re: Uninstalling VanillaMod! How?

    Well, its in a ModFolder so all you need to do is delete that folder really and remove the cfg and bat files.

    As for the diplomats, its just an AI routine that cannot be fixed. Tried it, didn't work.
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    Default Re: Uninstalling VanillaMod! How?

    re: confirmation of installationl
    i can put ALL the files in a folder called VanillaMod, right?
    including the cfgs, bat and read-me files.

    rather than in the main MW2:TW folder as the read-me suggests:
    "...copy all contents of the zip archive into your Medieval II: Total War directory..."

    with the ALL the files in this folder, i'll need to edit the batch file to this:

    medieval2.exe @VanillaMod\VanillaMod.cfg
    is this correct?
    i don't really want to merge VanillaMod with the main game as what the read-me kind-of suggests.

    so, uninstalling is just a matter of deleting the VanillaMod folder.


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