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    I've got an idea for how we can solve the problem that Bretonnia can't recuit mercenaries.

    They should be able to hire bretonnian peasants and knights in Bretonnia itself. (Local milita rallied to fight for king and country and knights looking for adventure and glory. Questing knights should be found almost everywhere in The Old World.)

    Since both The Wood Elves and the Dwarfs are old friends of Bretonnia is there nothing that says that they could not be recuited by Bretonnia. (In Athel Loren for the Elves and in mountainious areas for the dwarves.)
    (This could be explained with the elves and the dwarves sending troops to assist their bretonnian allies.)

    I've read somewhere that sometimes are the bretonnian tournaments visited by imperial and high elf nobles, so i find it not to far fetched that some young and adventourus imperial, tielan, estalian and maybe even high elf knights join Bretonnias glorious army for a campaign or two. (This would enable bretonnia to hire foregin knights as well.)

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    I don't know if it is possible or not, but the idea is good.

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    I think it adds extra dimensions to certain factions that they have disadvantages. Bretonnia and Lizardmen are not ones to recruit mercenaries, so I think it would be a challenge since they need to maintain their armies once they get away from their homelands, not recruiting as they go.

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    I agree, it was maybe too much to allow foreginers join Bretonnias armies and to allow them to recuit "mercenaries" outside Bretonnia itself , but I wouldn't find it too odd if the Wood Elves, who are among Bretonnias closest allies could be recuited in Athel Loren and maybe Quellnesse.

    I do however not see why the bretonnians should not be allowed to draft aditional "mercenary" peasants and knights in Bretonnia itself. (This could represent aditional peasant levies and adventurous knights looking for honour and glory.)

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    Within the lands, no problem. But once they get out of their own territory shouldn't be able to recruit anything.

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    I already replied with an answer to this problem in the Bretonnian faction thread, but I will post it here too.

    Another point I wish to address is one made eariler on in the thread about Bretonnians not hiring mercenaries. While it is technically against Bretonnian policy and belief to hire mercenaries it still does happen. For example according to the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay book of Bretonnian (which was created by Games Workshop and considered canon) in the dukedom of Carcasson there is a tradition of hiring martially skilled peasants to guard flocks of sheep for fifty pennies a day. So when nobles in Carcasson want to hire foreign mercenaries they give the mercenaries a sheep to guard and before they leave they "accidentaly" drop a bag of gold near the mercenaries. The mercenaries either end up eating the sheep or interestingly turn it into a mascot. So there is one way of getting around the problem of Bretonnian hired mercenaries, just say they are not being hired as mercenaries but as "shepards".

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    I think the Hiring of questing knights would represent it better and more pesants as pesants are conscripted by the nobility any where and questing knights aren't aloud to spend 2 nights in the same place. so they would not stay at a castle or technicaly with a standing army unless conflict was near.

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