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    My previous post was removed by the moderator. I didn't think what I asked was irrelevant. For anyone who didnít get a chance to read it, I simple requested politely that if a special version of this mod can be made that only implement the unrecruitable units in custom battle into the main campaign and correct the model representation of correct armor upgrade. Iím sure people looking into this mod were people who wanted minimal fix to the game and not tweaks here and there in the AI, unit statistic, income injection, and other so call balances when CA already balance the game out pretty well. If people really like it, there wouldnít be post to ask to remove it because there are too many tweaks people donít want. I think the original vanilla game is good and so do they.

    Iím also a modder and had done submod for RTR 1.6 and the original MTW, among other games. Iím very familiar with the RTW file structures. MTW2 isnít all that different. I know it wouldnít take more than a few line changes in several text files. There are several things that I wanted to tweak. If I unpack the .pack files. I would be tweaking the entire Milan faction with new textures and new model units. I spent more time modding RTW than playing and I donít want to do that with MTW2.

    I thought it was very rude that you didnít reply when a relevant question was ask and instead you deleted the post. I just thought being a modder, you should know how to handle questions or request better. If you are offended by what was ask, you should politely answer it, not just delete it. That's a double thumbs down for you.

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    Default Re: Special Request

    Your post was not deleted, it was moved to modding questions as it is irrelevant to this mod.

    As you have a thread there where you can elaborate and ask questions, this thread can be locked
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