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Thread: Ok what\'s the deal here?

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    I thought that I had the re-enforcement and victory conditions in single player figured out until the following happened.

    I invade a province with two armies--one 900 man strong with a rank 4 general and one 550 man army for at total 1400 troops. The A.I.
    had 1800 after he got he got his free move.
    The battle goes in my favor, I kill the enemy taisho, and his army routes. I rush to get my troops in place to meet his re-enforements. I am also withdrawing my depleted archer units to get re-enforcements myself. The enemy re-enforcements appear but will they not route as they have in the past. With no contact that I could see my tired troops start to route. The enemy chases me back across the battle field where my re-enforcements had just started to appear. Everything reverses and now the enemy starts to route, except now the timer runs out and I get a defeat because the enemy is still on the field. I think the head count was me 600 and him 450.

    I re-organize and attack again the next season. I now have 950 men to the A.I.'s 1200. The battle goes the same except that I don't kill his taisho. Once again I get in position to meet his re-enforcements. There are none and I get a victory screen.

    Two questions:

    Why the different results? Was it army size, honor level, randon chance, or phases of the moon.

    Also when attacking with full multiple armies I have noticed that my starting 18 units sometimes seem to be a mixture of the multiple armies rather the composition of the senor army. How does that work?


    Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl.
    Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl.

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    Well I would say that it wouyld have to do with how tied your troops were. If they were exhausted an dthey saw some more fresher enemies they may have taken a morale hit. Were was your general?

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