Megas Alexandros Beta Sign Up

The Closed Beta will be starting shortly to have a look at the following:

-Campaign Map balance.
-Bug hunting.

This beta does not represent the image of MA, but is instead a stepping stone upon which to base further work on the mod.

Who I am looking for

I am looking for people who will be able to devote the time needed to play through a campaign thoroughly. I want to know whether it is easy/hard/just right to play as Alexander. Tactics should be the key to beating Persia as Alexander.

If you want to apply, please use the following format:

Why you want to help Beta test MA:
Any previous mods you've helped test:

When you apply, PM that "resume" to me and apply for the group membership. If you pass, I will give you access to the Beta Forum.

PS. Credits to Lusted, as I nicked a bit of this post from one of his sign ups.