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    Mac, I will certainly try to put your work and efforts here to good use. This in future releases of Redux. I will also expand your (already promised) credits beyond the basic level of "bughunter" in future credits. You have earned it. The work done here is much appreciated, and you should have zero doubt about that.

    I also want to apologize for not having responded to your posts earlier here. It has nothing to do with you in any way and ALL to do with me not being active at da Org, for multiple months (since January or some such). This for various unrelated reasons.

    - A
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    Folks, I have created a new hotfix for RXB1007 - this one deals with two problems I found.

    1. It improves camp-map AI-performance in general.
    2. It corrects various errors on costs for several buildings/tech.

    Both previous hotfixes 1 and 2, are also included for good measure and player-convenience. I have
    attached the hotfix3 to this very post. Download and apply it for a better game-experience today!

    - A
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