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Thread: Can you combine smaller units?

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    On the map screen can you combine smaller units(say 30 man units) to make a single larger unit?

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    Yes, depending on your unit size, and they must be the same unit. Just click on your army in the strategic screen(map) and you'll see each unit. Now drag one of the units into another of the same unit type. But you cannot exceed the maximum unit size. So if you max unit size is set to 60, you can only combine units until they reach 60 or lower.

    Hope this helps.
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    They also need to start the turn in the same province.

    A small note that while the basic unit type must be the same, you CAN combine those with different armor/weapon upgrades.

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    He is justly served; It is a poison temper'd by himself.

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    Journeyer try this:
    If your playing with 60 man units you can still combine them and make units greater than 60 men.Go to the menu and choose options.Click on performance, at the bottom of the screen should be a slider to increase men per unit from 60-80-100-120,move the slider to 120.Go back to your game and combine the units.Go back to options and change the slider back to 60,then continue your game.Realize that with 60 man units and 16 units per army you will still only be permitted 960 men per army group so you may not be able to have 16 units in one group.
    Also when combining units with different armor or weapon upgrades;always drop the unit
    with the lowest,or no,upgrade on to the unit with the highest upgrade.The newly combined unit will receive the highest upgrade.Do it in reverse and the newly combined unit will lose the upgrade.Happy headhunting.
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