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    hi, im sure this has been asked but i havent been back here in about a year (been following for 3 years) , but has a BETA version for the public been considered?

    im not asking when said beta may come out, im enquiring to whether you are planning on finishing the mod completely before releasing, or doing what some other mods have done, do some peicemeal downloads overtime fixing this and that as you go.

    if no beta is planned to ever be released, can i ask why?

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    We(the team) are already discussing it at this point, me and some others of the team believe we can better work towards a beta and Then fine-tune the mod in later patches and the full version.

    Some members are inactive and weren't able to voice their opinion on it.

    And unfortunatly our mod leader has been very busy in this period, so he hasn't gotten the chance to join the discussion and decide how we will go from here.

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    alright thats fair enough, thanks for the quick response mate

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    np mate :)

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    I strongly recommend getting the basics done and release that beta, indeed.

    I've been out of contact for a LONG time. But long ago I was on Kage's list for testing battles. I'd still love to help with that, when the time is there.

    Want to wish the team good luck. Keep up the spirit. So much has been done, now press on.
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