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Thread: Campaign Start issues

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    Default Campaign Start issues

    Hello all.

    I installed EB onto my computer, got everything going fairly well after finally reading the installation instructions after butchering it on my own, and the game seems to fire up well enough. I can start up single player, go the EB campaign, and I can look through the different factions and so forth. However, the second I click the arrow in the bottom right of the screen, my computer seems to, in an odd sort of way, lock up. For example, I cannot move my mouse, but any music I had playing in the background. Unless I log out of the account my computer and re-log in, I am basically stuck at that screen.

    Can anyone help?
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    Default Re: Campaign Start issues

    You should try to run the game with movies disabled. Some video cards can't handle our videos. There are a number of other suggestions in the validation post, which also has details about my suggestion.
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