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Thread: Horrible... horrible CTD's

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    Default Horrible... horrible CTD's

    I'm running EB 1.2 with all of Bovi's little mini-fixes, but i still can't make it 2 turns without a CTD, it's making the whole thing a really frustrating ordeal.

    I've just abandoned a Pahlava campaign because it got to a point where i was getting a CTD every single battle, no matter how big or small the battles, the game would crash as soon as i was either victorious or defeated.

    I've now started a campaign as Carthage, I'm around 260BC, and no CTD's so far, i thought perhaps i just had a fluke of a bad campaign as the Pahlava. Then i laid siege to two cities simultaneously in Iberia. I spent 1 hour and 23 minutes assaulting the smaller of the two cities, and when the "Victory!" screen comes up to show me how many men i killed and lost, i clicked on the tick to continue and splat, i was taken to my desktop.

    So, i reloaded the last autosave, what do you know, i'm back to the point where i'm laying siege to both cities. So this time i decide to assault the other one. The one with large walls on the east coast of Iberia. I had a mix of light troops, mercenaries and a shit general who is dazzling behind a desk but leaves a lot to be desired in the battlefield department, which resulted in a battle that took 1 hour and 53 minutes and cost me 3/4 of the army.

    Then, as i hit the button to continue to the campaign map, eager to set up a puppet government and enforce several new and unreasonable taxes upon my newly acquired subjects and... CTD AGAIN!

    So i loaded the autosave and what do you know... I'm back to the point where i'm laying siege to both cities, ready to assault. It made me feel rather sick to be honest.

    I know EB isn't this buggy... ........or is it?

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    Default Re: Horrible... horrible CTD's

    I have no idea why this would happen so much with you. There might be something else you've got installed that noone else has, perhaps? Most people get at least to 200BC before any instability occurs.
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    i usually wait about 30 seconds before clicking to continue past the battle stats screen. seems to help
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