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    Alright, I've found a guide to mod out the Senate, I've also learned to "unite" the Roman houses under one banner, and even found a guide how to give Families Unit Surnames, but that is about where my knowledge stops. In my mod, I want to "transform" the Julii into a new SPQR Faction, and by that I just mean to have them use the SPQR Colors, Banners, Buttons, those thinks. I want them to LOOK like the old SPQR.

    So, what I need to know, is it Possible, if it is, can someone give me a step-by-step guide to how I do it?

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    Probably easiest to merge the Julii, Brutii and Scipii into the SPQR faction and then make the SPQR faction appear as the Julii faction by changing data/text/expanded_bi.txt (I think - it might be different in original RTW). The entries in the curly brackets are the "real" faction names and the other entries are the "apparent" faction names. All references to SPQR in must change so they appear as Julii.

    {ROMANS_SENATE}     S.P.Q.R.
    woule become

    Every mention of SPQR must be changed. You could probably use the replace tool to change "S.P.Q.R." to "THE HOUSE OF JULII".

    It could be a different file though
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