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    Default tutorial problem

    i cant advance through the battle tutorial because when its asks me to click base of flag nothing happens, ive been reading through forums and it seems that it happens with people who own nvidia cards which i do aswell (8600gt) so just asking if there is some fix out for it?


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    Welcome, rogue12!

    Yep, you have encountered a problem that has plagued many around here for quite some time...but if you check out the stickied post right at the top of the main hall thread, you will see that Saint peter_de123 has has made a bit of a breakthrough in regard to this issue.

    Go to

    If you do a search for "nvidia" or related terms, no doubt you will find plenty of other threads here - as I said, this is an issue that has been around for some time!

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    not sure here but while browsing through several forums,ive read a post as below, this person also having the unit control problem-

    user- GodofCats
    So I have searched all over the forums and read somewhere that if you use FAT32 for your disk format, it will take out any Nvidia card problems. I tried it and low and behold, the 'blank line' problem is gone, but now I get... performance issues!!! With the rig I have, there shouldn't be ANY kind of performance issues, let alone due to the disk format. Well, back to the drawing board again.image

    (off total official forums)

    the peformance issue the person reffered to was having software rendering on.

    ill try this when i get the chance so expect a post back within 24hours.


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