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    Hi there

    I've just registered and first of all I want to thank all the EB team for this great job. I got tired of Vanilla and you just saved my life (my no-life should I say?) with this mod.

    I've been reading this forum for quite a while and always found and answer without posting, still I wonder how to get First Cohort. Didn't even know they still exist until I saw one in a pic.

    I've been playing Romani and got Marian reform, cohors reformata etc. the weird thing is I can recruit them WITHOUT having barracks in Roma and Capua. But no 1st cohort. Impossible to build new barracks too. Started a new campaign with the romani to figure this out. Any idea?

    Oh I forgot to thank the active members of this community, doing a great job too. (Okay now I'm sure to have answers ^^).

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    Default Re: First cohort

    WITHOUT having barracks in Roma and Capua.
    Welcome to the forums, Salahedin !

    The Marian barracks are automatically spawned. You can only recruit the first Cohort in Roma. Also, you might simply have a low-level MIC (barracks), which would answer why you cannot train them in Roma. I don't understand why you cannot build a higher level MIC though.
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