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Thread: Family Members of Rome?

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    Default Family Members of Rome?

    I was wondering do Rome ever get any family members like Gaius Julius Ceasar, or Gaius Marius, Octavian(Augustus), Trajan, and even Constantine...atm i havent seen any of them and when do they start appearing.

    P.S.- I used to play EB but i knew i would never have the time to finish a campaign, so i found this new great mod, Roma Surrectum, but i was wondering by sending young family members to your capital(Rome) do they gain any experience? I noticed in EB thats what you should do when there young then send them into battle at age 21.
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    I wonder the same thing. Also, did RS ever incorporate that extensive training regimen for building up legates and what not? With legions, etc? Also, how does one get an emperor?

    Sorry if I hijack the thread Zack09Holland, but my questions are similar and I didn't want to clutter the forum starting new threads.
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