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    Greetings fellow orgah mafia players!!

    We in the moderator team felt the need for a compilation of rules and hosting help into one thread. This will make it easier for our new players to quickly get an overview of what we expect of those who wish to participate in, or host a mafia game in the gameroom.

    General rules and advice:

    1. The forum rules apply to mafia games:

    2. Sportmanship. We expect players adhering to it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sportsmanship according to Wiki
    Sportsmanship is conformance to the rules, spirit, and etiquette of sport. More grandly, it may be considered the ethos of sport. It is interesting that the motivation for sport is often an elusive element. Sportsmanship expresses an aspiration or ethos that the activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one's competitors.
    3. Friendliness. Be nice to our new and old players. We should also strive to help new players feel welcome. Words or comments like n00b are specially frowned upon.

    4. Rules are rules of course, but common sense and reasonableness from hosts and players are highly appreciated.

    5. Role playing is fun, but make sure your co-players understand you are acting.

    6. Courtesy to the host. These people invest their time and energies in creating games for your amusement, and are not monetarily compensated at all for their efforts. As such, making disparaging comments towards them is greatly frowned upon. There are far more constructive ways to resolve any issue that may arise.

    The most important rule is, always has been and always will be :
    Have Fun!

    Not played mafia before?

    General hosting rules:

    1. There are limits to the number of games that can run synchronously.
    Huge Games (50 or more players at the outset of the game):
    1 at a time.

    Large Games (18-49 players at the outset of the game):
    2 at a time.
    A Huge game in play replaces one of the two large games.
    Only 1 Huge/Large game at a time is allowed June through August inclusive.

    Small Games (8-17 players at the outset of the game):
    2 at a time.

    Mini Games (3-7 players at the outset of the game):
    No queue required, but mini games should conclude within 120 hours of game start

    Non-Games (1 or 2 players at outset):
    Only You? You may enjoy onanism, but should not share it with the Gameroom.
    If there are only two of you, how about trying MP M2TW or play chess over the chat/PM

    Speed Mafia (number of players will vary):
    Phases are limited to a maximum of 30 minutes – pick up the pace!
    Games where no one has posted in more than one hour are subject to closure

    Non-mafia Games:

    Some are always running (e.g. hangman), consult with the Moderator if you wish to add one. Usually, there will be no objections.
    2. Games that fail to secure enough players after a reasonable sign up period will be closed and the host returned to the bottom of the queue.

    3. Hosts that fail to begin their game within 72 hours of reaching current host status may be returned to the bottom of the queue. This will certainly happen after one week.

    4. Large/Huge Game starts will be staggered so that at least 72 hours elapses before the next game begins. This is to prevent both games from being in the opening phases at the same time.

    5. Sign ups may begin prior to your reaching current host status (don't abuse this).

    6. A host has to put in his/her rules the expected duration of day and night phases. This cannot be longer than 48 hours (the preferred duration is 24 hours). There will be allowance of extensions to phases, but only under certain conditions. One would be certain lynch conditions. But this should not bring the phase to more than 72 hours total. Make sure you get a moderator’s approval to extensions.

    Abusing this rule will result in closed games.

    Hosting Advice:

    1. Plan your game carefully and request a slot for your game in the Request to Host games. Take a quick look at previous games to get a general idea of what it takes to host.
    If you are unsure of what to do or need particular advice, you can contact the moderators.
    Mafia wiki link

    2. Define the rules and game mechanics in the opening post of your game thread.

    3. Balance your game. Make sure you give the mafia and the town equal opportunity to win.

    4. Advertise your game.
    a) If you want an advertisement for your mafia game(s) in other subfora then the Gameroom or through a global forum announcement, please PM GeneralHankerchief, Sigurd or Yaseikhaan the text of the advertisement and they'll spread the word. Adding a nice pic related to the theme of your game is always a good idea.

    b) Also, don't forget to announce your game in your sig

    c) PM is your friend when mass recruiting
    5. Communicate with moderators to help you with mod-related features.
    - Closing thread during night phase.
    - Removal or editing of unwanted posts (e.g. dead can’t talk rule).

    Disclaimer: These rules are subject to change at the moderators discretion.
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    Default Gameroom language policy

    The Gameroom mods have recently decided to, in order to help foster the spirit of friendly play, adopt a strict anti-swearing policy. We are stopping short of saying that it's zero-tolerance, but the policy can be summed up in one word: don't.

    Along with the major curse words, we also frown upon the minor ones that may slip by in some of the other sections of the .Org. In addition, certain words that are acceptable in the US but are regarded as curses in other areas such as the UK are also not allowed, and vice versa.

    If you feel that alternatives such as "heck" and "darn" don't cut it, then feel free to replace the entire word (emphasis on entire) with asterisks, other colorful symbols such as *#%!, or the ever-popular smiley.

    Thank you for your cooperation, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact one of us.
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