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    Default Kyrou Anabasis KH

    I made an KH custom battle army based on the 10.000

    My scale is 1:10

    The original army:

    4000 hoplites under Xenias the Arcadian, until he left the army in Syria
    1500 hoplites and 500 light infantry under Proxenus the Boeotian, until he left the army in Syria
    1000 hoplites under Sophaenetus the Stymphalian
    500 hoplites under Socrates the Achaean[citation needed] (not to be confused with the philosopher)
    300 hoplites and 300 peltasts under Pasion the Megaran
    1000 hoplites, 800 Thracian peltasts, and 200 Cretan archers (and more than 2000 men who came from Xenias and Proxenus when they deserted) under Clearchus of Sparta,
    300 hoplites under Sosis the Syracusan (Anabasis book 1, chp 2, IX)
    1000 hoplites under Artbell the Arcadian
    700 hoplites under Chirisophus the Spartan
    1000 hoplites and 500 Thessalian peltasts under Menon (Anabasis book 1, chp 2, XI)
    400 Greek deserters from Artaxerxes' army

    EB army:

    +/- 1200 hoplites (1 unit of Spartans to represent Clearchos)
    1 unit of light infantry (persian style (best i could find) )
    4 unit peltast
    2 unit cretan archers

    and here is the download:

    Save in C:\Program Files\...\Rome - Total War\EB\presets\greek_cities
    or in C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\EB\presets\greek_cities if using vista
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