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Thread: Going Between EB and RTR

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    Default Going Between EB and RTR

    Truthfully, when I want a game I can work thru when I've had one or maybe a couple of beers, it's RTR. However, when I'm looking for the serious challenge I always play EB.

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    Default Re: Going Between EB and RTR

    I enjoy both.

    Now please, someone close this.
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    Default Re: Going Between EB and RTR

    haha, come on I haven't comment yet.

    ok, close it.
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    Default Re: Going Between EB and RTR

    From what he said...

    He must had been playing RTR when he started the thread...
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    Default Re: Going Between EB and RTR

    In order to avoid conflict between fans of different mods, it is policy to close all mod comparison threads.


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