I was just wondering if anyone have had problems -CTD´s- related to the gallic walls. I think this problem happened to me sometimes in previous versions too:

It happened to me as roman, defending Bibracte in a huge edui assault. During the battle, always at same point the game crashed -I tried many times playing with the settings and so-. I think it is just when the second enemy assault tower open his gates, crash and i got error (with code: 0x0035e6ae). I thought it could be the high unit numbers in the battle since my pc is really old (only 1 GB ram and so), but I have had other sieges or battles with bigger numbers and no CTD, only reseanoble lagg (having settings at maximus and low AA). Or well, may be it is only in that settlement since I had many other sieges with gallic walls without problems...

And yeah I have the 1.2 fixes installed.

Anyway I was lucky and could succesfully pass the battle with automatic resolve and I continue playing the campaign without new problems. First CTD I have with 1.2, campaign in year 220.