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Thread: When i group 2 or more skirmishers...they wont attack?

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    Default When i group 2 or more skirmishers...they wont attack?


    Im new here so dont know how all this works....

    Anyway...i recently installed EB(1.2).I noticed some problems(bugs).
    When i group 2 or more skirmishers,after some time they wont attack properly anymore.
    I set it on auto-fire,everything goes as expected they fire upon the enemy...

    But after a time when i want them to attack somebody else,they do wierd things like running away(first i thought they run in a fire position,but they dont)...or just stand there...even when they have no ammo left,they would engage the enemy melee...but no,just standing there and eating bratwurst (playing with the sweboz).

    Some other units(melee units),the same problem(not always).But when i click them one by one then they do what they supossed to do...

    Thats not a big prob,but still having 2 or 3 groups of 4 units attacking the center of a town,and do actually nothing...yeah getting pawned by low life town skirmishers,lol.

    The good thing about it is,i have to pay more attention on what is going on in the battle.

    And another small bug....the diplomat.
    When i click on him,and i click outside the green he can walk a few turns on his own...The game becomes choppy.

    But i have to say this mod is well actually still surprised(and i installed it 4 days ago)

    Im very much into history,and im asking myself how long it would take to get al the historical info together...jezus christ...What a devotion.Schools should use this in history

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    Default Re: When i group 2 or more skirmishers...they wont attack?

    What you are describing is the RTW behaviour for missile troops in battle. It is not an EB problem (as is the move-too-far choppiness).

    To get your missile troops to attack when an enemy is closer than they feel comfortable with, turn off skirmish mode.

    To remove the choppiness, move one unit out of a settlement and back in.
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