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Thread: Coal in Your Stocking

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    Default Coal in Your Stocking

    Credit Suisse Top Execs Get Toxic Debt as Christmas Bonus

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Revenge Claus. What genius. The banks get to transfer out some illiquid assets, employees get some kind of bonus, and the bankers are forced to eat the very they've been serving other people. I can think of a few more company execs that could use the "number 1" treatment.

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    Let's be generous Hosa and make sure they get the "number 2" treatment as well.
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    Default Re: Coal in Your Stocking

    And only for the top execs as well...brilliant.

    Ja Mata, Tosa.

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    That is actually very nice of them. In a year that they wouldn't get squat they get something with a shadowy value.

    Those toxic debts are not worthless - they were just valued at close to zero based on the market demand at the time of official valuation. They could turn out to be pretty hefty Christmas bonuses when the market turns around and people realize that the toxic debts have a real value that is likely to be higher than the value percieved now.
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