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Thread: Never again?

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    Default Never again?

    I have not been about here since June this year - though it is doubtful if my absence was noted! Rather appreciated I suspect!

    However, I am subjected to boredom for the next two weeks, and I would very much enjoy succumbing to a game of EB, and delighting in the rendered mayhem of phalanxes and the colourful, charming style of EB - even if it will be galling and slow on this computer.

    My problem is that my RTW GOLD CD is long since removed- and contented with MTW I thought I should not see EB again - but then on this old computer I spotted a clean installation of RTW 1.5.
    Immediately I thought it may be possible with a NO CD patch or some tinkering - however I then asked myself if EB required the CD in all cases - having remembered a seperate EB.exe..

    Am I wishing too severely, or does EB play without the CD?

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    Default Re: Never again?

    I think a cracked nocd patch for RTW 1.5 would work if you installed the 1.5 patch, installed the cracked nocd patch, then EB.

    Not suggesting you do that because obviously it's illegal. Just sayin'...

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    Default Re: Never again?

    Yeah, I've.... heard from a reliable source that EB will work with the proper 1.5 crack.
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    Default Re: Never again?

    I see.. I do not want my first post here after five months to be regarding illegal activity.. although I thank you both for your response. I will indeed find a way to play EB again without my CD, and meanwhile if this thread is too peversely suggestive - I would agree to it being closed.

    Thank you Dave and Cullhwch.

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    Default Re: Never again?

    Buy a new one, you can get Gold for £7 sterling at most, straight RTW £4 or less, and their new!
    Nothing illlegal and you can load it on your shiny new PC which will probably run it better
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    Default Re: Never again?

    Talking about cracks on these forums are against the rules. Thread closed.
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