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    Many have noted the maturity of the researchers and novice scholars behind the work of EB. And the immaturity and boastfulness of others.

    To beg fair discussion of the from the former, I ask them to assist me in my quest for study in linguistics.
    This science I shall be studying in Canberra in two years, after the receipt of my HSC.
    Meanwhile, I surround myself with classical literature, and the languages which fascinate me most.
    These are; Deutsch, which I have become quite fluent with since I began six months ago; Classical Latin; Attic Greek; Classical Arabic; and Modern Arabic.

    I add Deutsch, and Arabic only to influence my zeal in the study of languages, I post in the EB forum because many here in the team have shown a seemingly successful knowledge of Greek and Latin - and I seek their advice not in learning, but in sources.

    I have bought these books yesterday;

    Greek Grammar - Herbert Weir Smyth

    A Greek-English Lexicon - Liddell & Scott

    Ausfuerliche Grammatik der Griechischen Sprache - Raphael Kuehner

    Cassell's Latin Dictionary

    The entire Cambridge Latin Course.

    Classical Arabic Grammar - Wolfdietrich (English translation... Ach! What shame..)

    (Other irrelevant Arabic books)..

    I believe I am one of the only 17 year olds at least in my country to willfully spend $1200 on books at once.. But they are very valuable, and by the recommendation and uses of scholars I thought these books to be the most instrumental in my learning of these languages.

    Now I ask if any of the researchers here have had contact with these books, (I have not received them yet - excepting the first book of the Latin Course.) and what they can praise and censure in them.
    I am very welcoming to suggestions on other books, written in Deutsch or English, which I can buy.
    Indeed, even if some can give me the smallest advice on the subject of Greek or Latin, or show me a fine University for the study of linguistics.. Preferably in Australia... Or Austria perhaps!

    As a side note.. I ask if anyone knows if the "Neugriechische Schrift" (New Greek Script) is still used in the scholarly community? So beautiful, and so similar to the Prussian Korent Schrift - which I know well!

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    LSJ is good. But you can have access to that one (plus many more) for free: ever heard of the Perseus Project? Granted, 55% of the time it's actually not 'out there' because of some internal server error though...

    What you may find interesting is the Thesaurus Linguae Graeca (if the library has access to it at least, the subscription fee does not come at mere nickels).
    - Tellos Athenaios
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tellos Athenaios View Post
    LSJ is good. But you can have access to that one (plus many more) Granted, 55% of the time it's actually not 'out there' because of some internal server error though...
    Tell me about it sigh.

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    I was hoping you would reply Tellos! I have downloaded and printed over 30 classics from the Perseus Project, indeed, all of Xenophon, Caesar's Commentarii, and the History of the Peloponessian War to name a few.
    A wonderful site! I have tried to recommend it to High Schools by writing letters!

    However, there is only so much time I can spend printing, and only so often I can sit before the computer.

    Although costly, it is better that I have these newer books in published, more professional form.

    I have so many $7 folders stacked and labelled, I hope to have them all bound and correctly printed one day! Ha ha, a personal Library is a distant, minute ambition of mine!

    If you could tell me, Tellos, your ability in Greek, and how you have achieved it - through what literature?
    I would be very grateful! Greek is becoming more challenging than Latin to me - and therefore more interesting for the moment!


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