(Strelac post in TWC)
This is probably long overdue, but its really not possible to establish the completion date without
having the good plan what to do in the first place. We are now set with tasks for the next patch which are left to close, and so I can provide you the progress update. Beta release will allow the team to make small fixes if needed and test the mod before the release. Release date will be added.

Use this information to drive relavent discussion about the mod progress and delays, and in this thread ONLY.

I will update weekly with red if progress bar changes.

New Units
concept 100%
skins 100%
models 100%
unit installation 95%
cards 100%
description text 50%
New native unit recruitment system
concept 99%
coding 99%
testing 0%
New AOR recruitment system
concept 100%
coding 0%
testing 0%

Beta release target date Dec 19th, 08
Also the team as promise preview for the next days