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Thread: Strange in-battle performance

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    Default Strange in-battle performance

    I have a PC that is more than capable of dealing with RTW - 8600GT graphics card, 2Gb of RAM and AMD X2 4800 CPU. However if I play for some time, I see a strange behavior in battles. The units are not moving smoothly, but in leaps, the same happens with the camera. When I move the mouse to the edge to cause the camera to move, there's no smooth movement, but some jerky leaps all over the place. Even a small touch at the edge of the screen, sends the camera spinning 180% instead of slightly moving it.

    Is there some nasty memory leak or is it possible to solve with some tweaking?

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    try lowering the grass and vegetation settings...
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    I had similar problems until I upgraded my CPU driver, perhaps this will help you too.

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