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    Post New tags

    Hey everyone,

    We've added mod tags in the Main Hall -- one for XL, BKB, Pike & Musket, and Wes' MedMod. (Most of the other major mods for MTW have their own discussion forums, hence why we added just these four.) Where appropriate, we would ask that you please use these tags when starting a new thread.
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    To all Main Hall dwellers,

    I note that the tags have not been used as yet. May I respectfully remind you all that they have been introduced as a requirement and are not optional. Anyone found not using the tags will be sentenced to a lifetime of servitude in the camel stables, cleaning right into the corners of the sumps with the 2" scraper. You have been warned.

    Well no seriously, the tags have been introduced as a means of correctly identifying a thread subject. There are many good mods out there and it is more often than not the case that our regulars here are playing one of these mods and not the vanilla game. This can be confusing to others, expecially newer members, that have no experience of such mods.

    Using the tags will clearly identify your thread as one that pertains to a particular mod. So for example if you are starting a thread about your latest XL campaign, then using the XL tag will clearly identify it as such and draw in like minded XL players.

    In summary please use the tags where necessary. If there is no suitable tag for your thread, because it is the vanilla game of which you are posting, then a tag is not required.

    If you have any questions as to the use of the tags do not hesititate to post them in this thread.

    Many thanks

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    Maybe I am not the only one who does not know what you mean by "tags" Is there some button somewhere I should click to activate a "tag" or something like that?
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    When posting a new thread you will see next to the thread title a "prefix" drop down list. Select the prefix that best suits you thread from this list. This will then appear as a "tag" attached to the header of your thread in the main listing, making your thread easily identifiable. Note that this does not apply to new posts, only new threads.

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